Saturday, Jul 20

Good Sales is just Interesting Conversations, Natasha 🤝

Overdue Invoices
You have no Invoices that are Due

It's either Magic beyond Human understanding
or, you are just testing as of now.

Expired Documents
You have no Documents that have Expired

Either you are at the Top of your Game or You should
know that things only come to people who ask!

Due Activities
You don't have any activity due.

You are the task-master people aspire to be.
Do you also have piercing blue eyes and love to read poetry?

Sales Pipeline

Recent Activities by Leads
Your Leads have not done any Activity

This is not a good sign. It typically means
that your Leads are turning cold

Opportunities Generated: 0
You do not have any opportunities!

You must focus your energies in building
a healthy sales pipeline

Summary of Documents

Lead Form Stats

Lead Form Analytics

Form Viewed:

Form Submissions::

All Time Lead Form Stats


Revenue Chart
Summary of Invoices


Clients Stats